MTM Waste Solutions Canada helps businesses handle their evolving recycling requirements. From a single pickup to an enterprise-wide recycling program it’s what we love to do.

What do you need to make your recycling work better?


By choosing MTM Waste Solutions Canada, you can be assured of the highest quality waste management products & services. Our operational models are continuously being transformed in to a customer-centric model to meet our customers’ needs, end to end.


At MTM Waste Solutions Canada, there is no hidden cost so you never pay for more than you need. In addition to the services & products that we provide, we also empower our clients with information, education & services that add value to our service.

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We are committed and pride ourselves on delivering the most efficient services & products when and where you need it in order to achieve quantifiable results with practical solutions.

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Our on-site waste evaluations allow us to provide customized solutions to our clients. We’re constantly looking for ways to simplify your waste-handling processes & reduce your capacity by tailoring our services to your specific needs.

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We provide a service that stands out through our creativity & cutting-edge technological, contractual and social solutions. Our approach allows us to avoid work disruptions & ensure you have the most resourceful waste management solutions for your waste.

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Our Business model is based around the individual, clients and communities that we serve therefore we strive to transform their lives by giving back to the communities where we operate.

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