What Got Us Started

We saw a very big flaw in the waste industry across the country.  Account managers not doing everything they can to reduce their client’s rates and truly not giving the attention their accounts need to do what is in their client’s best interest.
Most business owners and managers have limited time or interest to fully understand how the waste industry really works and its billing practices. With this lack of understanding, it is easy for rates to be higher than necessary.

We realized the need for change and the opportunity to provide a service in the waste industry that was unheard of, managing a clients’ accounts in their best interest, not the waste haulers. 

MTM Waste Solutions Canada was formed in 2011 by Shawn McLean to provide clients with a turnkey service to manage and maintain control over all matters pertaining to their waste and recycling services and their understanding of the waste industry service plans. We constantly review our client’s current needs to ensure they are getting the best possible service at fair and reasonable rates.

In simple terms our commitment is to the long term relationships with our customers, rather than signing deals and never hearing from us again.  

We really enjoy being of service and helping businesses effectively take care of a basic essential need that requires expertise and patience to get all the details right.

Shawn McLean is the President and co-founder of MTM Waste Solutions Canada and has over 15 years in the Waste industry as a Major Account Manager, Sales Manager and Sales trainer, working in Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton.